“I’m so glad I started working with Danny as I was launching, and re-launching, my business. He has helped me better understand how I make decisions, recognize when I’m getting in my own way, and reconnect to a growth mindset. He is completely non-judgmental and has a genuine ability to help people approach their work and life with a fresh perspective.”

-Samantha Letscher, Founder, Bossy

“As someone who already thinks about personal development quite a bit, I was surprised by the great amount of growth I experienced working with Danny...even after only a few sessions! Asking key questions, identifying personal values, and building new tools for success has all been an integral part of our work together.”

-Levi Baer, Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Second Shift coworking


Beyond being authentic and likable, Danny has this ability to challenge your thinking without you even realizing it. The next thing you know you have arrived at a groundbreaking thought...seemingly all on your own.”

--Jennifer Johnson, Founder, The Joy of Eating




“In higher education there is a difficult balance between being market-relevant and true to mission.  Unlike many industries, there is not the ability to change strategic directions based on product, or for that matter, significantly change identity, to become more attractive to the marketplace.  Thus, one of the key marketing processes needs to take the historical, experiential and product-oriented attributes and make them as appealing and emotional as possible. 

“I have been in higher education for more than 20 years, and I have yet to see anyone as talented as Danny Schuman in creating new marketing life when it seems all avenues have been explored.  His skill is to identify the most important parts of an institution’s existence and turn them into impactful ideas and words so that people naturally gravitate towards them.  If you are seeking a new, and better, way of positioning your college or university, hire Danny.”

-Ian Mortimer, Vice President, Enrollment and Management marketing, Champlain College


“As the owner of a business that has to move fast and hasn't really worked with marketing consultants, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was even a little skeptical about spending the time and money. But the work Danny did helped us crystallize the thinking we’d been doing for years; he didn’t create anything brand new, he just synthesized what was in our heads and came up with something that nailed the essence of our brand. It provided the strategic foundation to help us communicate to our people how to talk about and live the Howl at the Moon brand, and gave us the language and tools we needed to start creating materials with a consistent look and feel. When Danny presented the essence video to the managers at our annual meeting, there was a standing ovation, which told us the work was spot on.”

-Bradd O’Brien, President, Howl at the Moon


“Danny was instrumental in helping us build a new brand from initial concept through to in store and online execution. He was absolutely integral in helping us understanding the category, competition and target consumers and then formulating all aspects of the brand from the name, positioning, packaging and retail execution strategy.  We couldn’t have done it without him.”

-Wayne Carpenter, Managing Director, Lake Pacific Partners (Owner, Mercer)




"It's not always easy to sell yourself. I knew what I wanted people to know but didn't have the right language to articulate it. Danny pushed me when I need to be pushed and brought diligence and fun to the process. He helped me find the right words and get my pitch deck to where it needed to be."

-Anjani Bhargava, CEO Coach and Investor, Founder, DLB Growth


"Our work together to articulate the perfect words for my personal brand helped build my confidence, and I'm sure it helped me close the deal."

-Elizabeth Cohen, Director of Innovation, Hostess Foods




"Our tough internal challenge was part process and part productivity: My small group was doing important work crucial to the success of our products, but there was a knowledge gap between our group and some internal constituencies that affected our ability to do our best work together. Danny facilitated a very collaborative work session, to first help our group design a workflow plan, and then start creating a story behind the plan to enable us and our internal partners to do great work together. It was actually a pretty challenging day, but ultimately very successful, with our output being a sound workflow and a smart story behind it."

-Ben Feeney, Senior Director, Global Innovation and New Initiatives, Molson Coors 


“In a very clear and simple way, The Joy of Solving helps you understand yourself and how you go about solving problems. More than that, Danny helps you think in ways you didn’t think you could think!”

-Bob Scarpelli, Former Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide


“The Joy of Solving is a great framework to get people who are used to solving in one way to try different ways to get to new solutions.  Danny’s a genuine and personable presenter, has good energy, and knows his stuff. The methodology provided effective tools to help everyone contribute to the solving process, regardless of level or function.”

-Brian Hughes, SVP, Discover Financial Services


“Danny provided a high impact and fun work session for our manager’s group.  Danny was organized, insightful and understanding of CJE’s unique needs. We benefitted a great deal and have a number of key and helpful follow-up activities.  We look to use Danny for some of defined facility and program areas. Thank you Danny!!!”

-Mark Weiner, President and CEO, CJE/Senior life


“We collaborated closely with the Twist team from the project kickoff through the completed workshop. They provided a great environment, the right tools, and excellent facilitation to help us get to fresh, inventive thinking, and many unexpected ideas, on a challenging and important initiative. In addition, the in-depth planning discussions coupled with interviews with key stakeholders led to a well-organized, thoughtful approach to the session.”

-Sue Burns, Senior Marketing Director, Adtalem Global Education 





“Danny was so un-like other speakers, in a good way! Just a regular guy who worked hard to start and grow his business, and share his findings and success.” 

-David Mammano, Founder, Avanti, America’s Entrepreneur Coach



“Thanks so much for speaking at our Marketing Mania event. The info you shared was perfect! “

-Harriet Parker, Manager, IL Small Business Development Center 


“Danny’s Joy of Problem Solving keynote presentation was an amazing way to inspire and kick-off our company retreat…it allowed everyone to dig deep within and assess themselves and each other before diving into defining our company’s vision for the future.”

-AJ Goehle, Executive Director, Luci Creative