When you solve problems the same way, you get to the same types of solutions. When you have different ways of solving problems, you can get to different types of solutions. Simple, right? I offer two problem-solving systems to help you change the way you think and create new ideas that you didn’t see coming. 


Based on the #1 Amazon best-selling book The Worst Business Model in the World: A New Kind of Guide for a New Kind of Entrepreneur. Created for entrepreneurs, it’s reached a far broader audience. The lessons and tools provide participants with new ways to think about getting work done in a world that’s changing by the millisecond.

The workshop is highly interactive. I present several of the most counterintuitive lessons from the book and the exercises that go with them, and we workshop together to create new approaches to making personal and professional progress.

The Worst Business Model in the World can be experienced in these formats:

  • 90-minute primer

  •  Half -day workshop

  • Full-day workshop

“The Worst Business Model in the World is a unique, engaging, and fun look at change.”

-Charles Adler, Co-Founder, Kickstarter

“Having no formal business training myself, I wish it was around when I started Threadless!”

-Jake Nickell, Founder, Threadless


Danny talking to guy at Polsky.png

The Joy of Solving lays out an original framework comprised of five problem-solving paths, to push you out of your problem-solving comfort zone, force you to rethink how you solve individually and as part of a team, and get to new unexpected ideas to help solve complex business problems.

The Joy of Solving has been called the Myers-Briggs of problem solving because it helps people understand how they solve so they can solve better. But it’s different in two important ways.

It doesn’t put a label on you. Nobody is only one type of problem-solver; the  beauty of the framework is that it allows you to employ different techniques depending on the context, because the context behind your problems is constantly changing.

Maybe more important, The Joy of Solving is outcomes-based. It’s an action-oriented, practical tool that helps you unearth ideas and immediately create better solutions to complex professional problems.

See a video here.

Read a PDF here.

The Joy of Solving can be experienced in these formats:

  • 90-minute primer

  •  Half -day workshop

  • Full-day workshop


“In a very clear and simple way, The Joy of Solving helps you understand yourself and how you go about solving problems. More than that, Danny helps you think in ways you didn’t think you could think!”

-Bob Scarpelli, Former Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide


“The Joy of Solving is a great framework to get people who are used to solving in one way to try different ways to get to new solutions.  Danny’s a genuine and personable presenter, has good energy, and knows his stuff. The methodology provided effective tools to help everyone contribute to the solving process, regardless of level or function.”

-Brian Hughes, SVP, Discover Financial Services