The Worst Business Model in the World


Originally created for entrepreneurs, The Worst Business Model in the World became a #1 Amazon best-selling book as it reached a far broader audience. The lessons and tools in the book provide participants with new ways to think about getting work done in a world that’s changing by the millisecond.

It’s a highly relatable, easily digestible, counterintuitive approach to existing as humans with jobs. It’s built on five simple and flexible strategies, that can be used chronologically or as the user sees fit.  It does not necessarily have one optimal target audience. Remember, it’s The Worst Business Model in the World!  It’s helped creative marketers and financial advisors, entrepreneurs and grad students, CEOs and people in career transition.  

“We’re in a special moment in history that finds every major category under pressure of reinvention. Danny’s personal view articulated within the pages of The Worst Business Model in the World is a unique, engaging, and fun look at change.”

-Charles Adler, Kickstarter Co-Founder


The Worst Business Model in the World isn’t really a business model at all. It’s a different way of doing business. At the core of the book and workshop are five strategies to help you find clarity and motivation to get unstuck and inspired.  

Trust Yourself • Trust the World • Share • Do It • Enjoy It

From those five strategies come 24 strategies, each with an actionable tool.

In the highly interactive workshop, I present several of the most counterintuitive lessons from the book and the exercises that go with them, and we workshop together to create new approaches to making personal and professional progress.

The Worst Business Model in the World workshop can be experienced in these formats:

  • 90-minute primer

  •  Half -day workshop

  • Full-day workshop

  • Online course