Think differently to solve old problems in new ways.


When you solve problems the same way, you get to the same types of solutions. When you have different ways of solving problems, you can get to different types of solutions. Simple, right?

I help people solve problems in new and unexpected ways, and it starts here: The Worst Business Model in the World, a different way of thinking and a different way of doing business. At the heart of my #1 bestselling book are five key strategies. Whether it’s Professional Coaching or Brand Storytelling, these five key strategies are at the core of the work we’ll do together.


Brand Storytelling

I’ll help you develop your brand’s story and bring the right message to the right audience, whether you’re a company or a person.


 Professional Coaching

I’m a CTI-trained Professional Coach who works with marketers, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers of all stripes. I help you get unstuck from habits and behaviors to create a life that works.