This summer, take a vacation, not a workcation

Don’t let this happen to you

Don’t let this happen to you

As summer winds down and we try to make the most of it, here are 10 things to not do on your summer vacation.

1.   Check your email while you’re building a sand castle

2.   Check your email while you’re looking at a painting at a museum

3.   Check your email while you’re flipping a burger or burger substitute

4.   Check your email while you’re looking at something cool out your window

5.   Check your email while you’re eating or drinking. Especially while you’re drinking.

6.   Check your email while you’re tubing, waterskiing, blueberry picking, bike riding, trail hiking, lake swimming, park picnicking, or pretty much anywhere you’re under a glorious summer sky

7.   Check your email while you’re watching a movie or binge watching a series

8.   Check your email while you’re meeting someone for the first time

9.   Check your email while you’re meeting someone for the 4,197th time

10. Check your email when you’re soooooo tempted to check your email but know that it’s going to lead to somewhere between 12 and 162 minutes of undesired potentially painful extra work

If you want make sure the world isn’t going off the rails while you’re gone, which it most likely won’t because you’ve prepared for it not to, check your email a couple of times a day, maybe when you wake up and before dinner so it doesn’t get in the way of vacation stuff. If it gives you piece of mind and helps avoid the pain of an overflowing inbox when you get back, or if you just can’t stand the idea of not checking at all, just do it.

If you don’t need it at all and can go email-free while you’re away, that’s pretty damn awesome.. If you want to do it and could use some motivation, read this book before you go on vacation.

This summer vacation, try not working, not networking. Instagram the hell out of your doings, just don’t get tempted to look at email while you’re doing it. The best vacations are the ones that don't become workcations!